Monday, 13 February 2012

I'll fight the world for you.

You're mine, all mine. Every atom of you was built so that I could forever marvel and devour it's beauty. All these complexities that the crowd doesn't understand, I know I was meant to discover on my own. The emotions that you hide so well beneath the surface, I unearth them in my head and know deep within how they're meant for me, just me.

So they can throw stones at you, oh they can try to tear us apart. But they'll never get inside my head or my heart for those are places I reserved for you. And when they dare to utter, the very hints of their first syllable against you, I'll unleash the devil within, the rage will come pouring out.

Because nobody knows you like I do. They don't get to either. You're mine to know and fathom, mine to adore and love, mine to hold and caress, mine to treasure and cherish, mine to pamper, mine to be held captive forever. You're mine to scar, and bite and bruise. All mine.

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