Friday, 27 January 2012

I can touch the sky by myself but I prefer the beauty that lies in taking off together.

So we flew together all this while and now I'm astray. Which direction do I head in now that you've flown off with another? I still look for your wings to come up behind me and help my flight. I find not you, but others who don't quite fly with me like you did but stay close, one step behind always, taking care not to trample on me or invade my space, but there nevertheless to support me when I falter. 

I look back often, but never see a face. And it dawns on me slowly, that's it is a part of me and none other. You left me with nothing more than the traces of me, a stronger side of me, a shade that helps me fly. You gave me my best friend. My Shadow.

And beyond this shadow are the others who've been waiting, just to fly with me. Who let me into their flock and embraced me as one of their own. Their unexpected demeanour gave me strength and unwavering smiles built  my courage, to fly once more. And this time when I fly, it'll be for the world to see - for I've spread my wings,  and I'm running steady just waiting to take off; not scared, as I know even if I fall, they'll carry me forth on their wings. 

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